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Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Subject:Android Lime - Alien Autopsy Promo Mix
Posted by:android_lime.
Time:3:00 pm.
Android Lime - Alien Autopsy Promo Mix





1: Dj-X (Lab4) And Steve Milton - Captain Black

2: Dark By Design – Hate
(Dbd Recordings)

3: A+D+A+M (Lab4) – Bootlicker

4: Dj Eewol - Dawn Of Hell

5: Dj-X (Lab4) - Falling Down

6: Tony De Vit - I Don't Care (Leigh Green & Steve O'brady Vocal Remix)
(Tidy Trax)

7: Dj-X (Lab4) - V Is For Vengeance

8: Proteus - I See Things That You Don’t See (Guld Remix)

9: Android Lime - Aerial Battle

10: Proteus – Illuminati

11: Alek Száhala - Lumi (Kevin Energy Remix)
(Nu Energy)

12: Horzì - Better Tomorrow

13: Haze & Btw - Eternal Cannon (Dj Rx Remix)
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Posted by:b_e_de.
Time:12:25 am.
Taken from www.lab4.com

'None of Us Are Saints' will be available in all major music
outlets including HMV and Virgin, as well as online through both
www.resist-music.co.uk and also through the Fragile Online Record Store
on this website

This release will coincide with the 'None of Us are Saints Album Launch tour', which will take in twelve weeks of solid touring across the UK, Australia and Japan to promote the release, with the Fragile
Online Record Store being present at as many of the gigs as possible
with 'None of Us are Saints' merchandise also being released around the
same time

The first vinyl single from the album to be released (also on Resist, rather than fragile) will be 'The
Perfect Drug' which will feature the original LAB4 mix (which has been
extensively floor tested at live gigs throughout 2005 with an
overwhelming response) as well as exciting remixes by two other huge
acts in far different genres from our own. Firstly, Nightbreed
- who are considered to be 'the LAB4 of the Drum and Bass world'
and who enjoy worldwide success with a solid touring calendar of their
live performances. And secondly, we are honoured to have DJ Starscream - better known as the main DJ from one of our favourite heavy metal bands - Slipknot to give us his own take on this monster LAB4 remix of the 1997 Nine Inch Nails tune. Both artist are expected to put an unexpected and impressive injection of artistic input into the project.

So, A new album, a tour to coincide with it - and my personal favourite news THE PERFECT DRUG BEING RELEASED ON VINYL!!
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Saturday, October 1st, 2005

Posted by:amenangeluk.
Time:8:51 am.
Last night was my first time of seeing Lab-4.
Soooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!
What an a fantastic night, thank you!
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Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Posted by:oswaldcrowlius.
Time:8:23 pm.
Saturday, 22 October 2005

Hard House Academy 5th Birthday:
LAB4 + Yoji Biomehanika + Phil Reynolds + Mark EG + Andy Whitby + Sterling Moss + DJ Hellraiser + Proteus + Cally Gage + Justin Bourne
At Brixton Academy (Carling Academy), London

Sounds fuckin good !!
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Monday, February 14th, 2005

Posted by:peter_north.
Time:6:27 pm.
PHILADELPHIA, Monday: The parents of 15-year-old leukaemia patient Josh Morten, who last night passed away after a four year battle with the illness, said they were sorry not to have fulfilled his dying wish to get a blow job from Cameron Diaz.
The courageous teenager told his family two months ago that the one thing he'd really like before he died was to be sucked off by the successful Hollywood actress and former model.

"Josh never asked for much," his father confided. "He never complained about his illness, or made unrealistic demands. So when he requested fellatio from the star of Charlie's Angels and There’s Something About Mary we thought, sure, that’s the least we can do for him."

But attempts to grant Josh his dying wish proved much more difficult than the family had initially thought. Formal requests inviting the star to perform oral sex on their dying son were repeatedly declined.
"We wrote, we rang, we faxed," Mr Morten explained. "And every time it was the same answer: 'Sorry, Ms Diaz is currently unable to comply with your request.' I mean, how unsympathetic can you get? We're talking about a dying kid here! Would it kill her?"

Mr Morten even made a special trip to Los Angeles, to try to talk to the movie star personally outside the premiere of Gangs of New York. "The crowds were ten deep," he said, "and I'm there yelling out to her from the back: 'Will you go down on my son please!', but she didn’t want to know."

With hopes diminishing by the day, Mr Morten placed similar standby requests with the agents representing Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, but in each case the stars refused to co-operate.

"Who do they think they are, these women!" railed Mr Morten. "They earn millions of dollars and swan about at fancy parties, but when they get a simple request to bring a smile to a young boy far less fortunate than them, they turn their back on you. What kind of world do we live in when a dying teenager can no longer get his cock sucked by a celebrity?"
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Saturday, February 12th, 2005

Posted by:android_lime.
Time:8:30 pm.
i whent to a lisa lahes party in cape town south africa in a huge hanger at the air port were i met miss lashes
check it
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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005

Subject:Oh my god thats the funky shit!
Posted by:peter_north.
Time:1:12 pm.
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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

Posted by:peter_north.
Time:12:07 am.
Get this

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Monday, January 31st, 2005

Subject:Urgent announcement.
Posted by:peter_north.
Time:4:26 am.
I may have come to your attention in the past through my many declarions that my leg is indeed a hat. However on closer inspection I have come to discover that my leg is not a hat it is actually a small nuclear powerplant on the south coast next to a small fishing village. As a result of my error I will now gauge out my eyeballs with a hoover and help Arnold Trouserpress to escape from the clutches of the evil water melon. This combined with the sudden discovery that my arm now lives in a cave in the scottish highlands has lead me to beleive that I am a chimp and must go and live inside an upside down 94 ford probe. Befor I do this I must close all pending deals with the king of avalon and take his daughter on a clay pigeon shoot excercise with the territorial armies of the westlands.

How is this to be acheived I hear you shout through the cold mists? Well I'll tell you said Mr fridge. I will remove all trousers from the Thames river by nightfall and your water skis will be ready in the morning. Your planned assault on the ministry of agriculture will be brought forward and you must rescue all of the haddock from your badgers. Once you complete this mission you will once again discover that your leg is indeed a hat annd the morning will come free of nuclear energy and your house will be powered by one of those little paper windmill thingys that you put on your sandcasles you made with your nan when you went to Brighton age 5 and three quarters. This is the greener way to power your needs and if we the nation can acheive this we can go forward with out plans to convert virtually every EU citizens legs into bowler hats from the late victorian era.

My mother has complained most vociferously but this is not my concern as she is a statue in regents part and her leg never has been or will be a hat of any kind. Father is an osterich and all he has said on the subject so far is "quack" qhich leads me to beleive that he is utterly insane as it can only be read that he thinks he is a senior advisor to the conservative party and that christmas will be reversed so it appears in late october with a shiny metal lamp post for company.

My sister has recently given birth to herself again and this time it's twins so she has asked to be given a postal vote on the the issue of whether we should join the single european leg hat policy. I suspect she will vote no as the triplets have long considered themselves special that they were the original velocoraptors to be retrofitted with hats as legs and feel that their income as a freakshow attraction would severely diminish. Her goat also agrees.

A new dawn will break for the people of Cleethorpes in the morning also as the hand of history reaches down and removes all of the bedford rascal vans that have blighted out nation and all of out fish markets for decades now. The mayor of grimsby has welcomed this change and is even throwing a welcome to the fight party in the wardrobe yesterday afternoon. All the towns subjects gathered at the town hall to hear an official statement from the mayor when he also declared his support for our cause by shouting out "MY LEG IS A HAT, FUCKING SAFE!!" and simultaniously released a banner which unfuled over the town hall clock echoing the words "MY LEG IS A HAT, FUCKING SAFE!!"

So given that The mayor of Grimsby now agrees with me I can only assume that Doctor Mango has retreated from Greenland and his doughnut minions have all been routed back into the seas from where they came.







Abandon squirrel.
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Posted by:peter_north.
Time:3:51 am.
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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Posted by:peter_north.
Time:2:57 pm.
This is why I won't miss the turntables....

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Posted by:peter_north.
Time:9:51 am.
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Posted by:peter_north.
Time:12:09 am.
Another marked improvement!

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

Posted by:peter_north.
Time:2:19 am.

Almost Midnight - Brighton Trash Dept.
Atomic - Unknown
Rowland the bastard - Love's gotta hold of my gonads
Ben Balaphonic - SUF55 - That "they gave you what?... LSD" one
DAVE the Drummer - Hydraulics 13.1
ASYS - From past to future
Pharmacy - Havok 16
Mark Tyler - Supervision
Johnny Sideways - Dirt01
Audio pancake - Ready for this?
Lawrie Immersion - Route 5/Lock
Geezer and Mark Tyler - Re-entry 5
Geezer - Raw 14
Marco Zafarno - Girls and Boys
Geezer - Raw 9 (get fresh)
Nick Sentience - Ride the groove


Trailer Trash - Winebago Warriors
DAVE the Drummer - Hydraulix 13.2
AD - Hoochie Mamma
Geezer - Raw 20
DAVE the Drummer - Hydraulix 21
Mr Burns and Geezer - Skank01 Acid Junkie
Geezer - Routemaster 46
Mark Tyler - Re-entry 8
Geezer - Freak (Stay Up Forever)
Dirty Blonde - Havok 24
Unknown - Smitten
Fuck with the Programme (Stay up Forever remix)
Mobile Dogwash - Dirt03
Unknown - Unknown
Ian M - Crazy Pills (VC)


It's fucking Dark - Fabulous 23's
Dirty Dancing - Ant
Fearless - John Truelove
Unknown - Cluster
Skankadelic 4 - Mr Burns and Geezer
Santa Pod Remix - Ant
Brands Hatch - Geezer
Don't Talk, Just Listen - DAVE the Drummer
Acid Disco - DAVE the Drummer
So Powerful - Mark Gray
Just Listen - Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood
The Razors Edge - RR Fierce
Surrounded by dogs - Chris Impact
Rock the House - Weirdo


Funky Old Cortina - Carbine
Smiley Acid - Mr Burns and Geezer
Species - K90 & Mark Tyler
Conform, obey, consume - Getafix
One night in a village in kent - Dynamo City
Ketaminated - Getafix
We like it - Guy Mcaffer
Underground Wave - Arkatek
Skankadelic 7 - Mr Burns and Geezer
Dirty Dancing Remix - Ant
One night in Hackney - Dynamo City
Fuck Goa - Geezer
Unacceptable Interferance - Cyber Steve
Dirty Dancing - The Imposters
Squat 4 - Jeff Amadeus


Feel The dirty - Ant
Hydraulix 24 - Alex Calver
Atomic 5 - Guy Mcaffer
Go bezerk - Alex Calver
Skank 9 - Mr Burns
Fearless - Truelove
Bitch Rock - Dirty Blonde
Skank 6 - Mr Burns
Re-Entry 5 - Mark Tyler
Fuck Goa - Audio Pancake
Check one - Audio Pancake
Underground Wave - Arkatek
Havok 28 - Geezer
Just listen - DAVE the Drummer
Brands Hatch - Geezer


Overdose - Rozzers Dog
Skank7 Mr Burns
Savaloy EP - Geezer (Wah Wah)
Levels of conciousness SUF RMX - Skankadelic
Skank3 - Mr Burns
Skank1 - Mr Burns
Skank9 - Mr Burns
Fuck Goa - Audio Pancake
Havok 28 - Geezer
Nothing can save us London - Star Power RMX
Unlucky Punk - DAVE the Drummer
Unacceptable Interferance - Cyber Steve
Havok 10 - Mick Beatle/Slayer


Inner city Junkies - Lawrie Immersion
Fuck Goa - Geezer
International Resue - Lawrie Immersion
Swarfega - Chris Liberator
Murder was the bass - DK8
Hydraulix 24b - Alex Calver
1999 Flakey Gigs - DAVE the Drummer
Feel the Dirty - Ant
New Cross - Geezer
Freak Show - Rowland the Bastard
Nightmare - Berio 303
Lock - Lawrie Immersion
Acid Aftermath - Chris E Manic
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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

Subject:Hard house academy
Posted by:vituperator.
Time:12:56 am.
Lab4 playing live at Hard House Academy on Feb 26 2005, alongside K90 and Nuw Idol, both live. It will be the best ever.
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Friday, December 17th, 2004

Posted by:djsgc.
Time:8:35 pm.
New Mix MP3 for Download

DJ SGC - Nu - NRG Mix 2004

Total Playing Time: 64mins

Track Listing: Under Cut

Format: MP3

Bit Rate: 128kb/s

File Size: 58.63Mb

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004

Posted by:drew_moo.
Time:11:19 pm.
need not say more... dark_djs
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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004

Subject:spare utopia ticket (sydney)...
Posted by:flamebait.
Time:12:28 am.
...do to one of the ppl piking. we got the 4 for the price of 3 package. if anyone is chasing a ticket, please let me know - all of my sydney friends are going to skasi...
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Monday, March 29th, 2004

Subject:hey all...
Posted by:flamebait.
Time:9:41 pm.
...with the just joining and saying hi!

anyone else going to re-animator and utopia ? (AUS)
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Sunday, March 28th, 2004

Subject:04.04.04 Laboratory 2
Posted by:nurseysarah.
Time:3:35 pm.
Mood: excited.
Hey is anyone else going to this? I'm going down with a friend, so if you'll be there, maybe we can meet up and say hi :)

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